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The basics: An overview
  • Personalised cards and gifts for all occasions

  • Everything is handmade by me (Natalie)

  • UK made, but offering worldwide shipping

  • Custom orders welcome

  • I'd love to hear from you - please get in touch :) 

M Y   S T O R Y


I'm Natalie, and that's me in the picture. I'm a primary school teacher by day, and a designer-maker by night. Both jobs keep me incredibly busy, but I wouldn't change that at all - I love what I do! 

My business first began with a suitcase full of buttons from my grandma and a spontaneous purchase of a hot glue gun. My little hobby soon became a passion, and eventually, Buttonbela was born. I make personalised cards and gifts for all occasions that can be shipped worldwide, and I especially love creating custom products.


Want to know more?

Read this blog post I wrote about myself and my business. 

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